Coches Para Antonio
16mm ︎︎︎ HD, 2019, 3:33

Collaboratively shot landscape film spanning a corniche along the French-Basque coastline and the Cristina Enea Park in San Sebastián.  Young bodies intermingle, play and cross the threshold between the two places under a scratchy haze of hand-processed film artifacts and awash in a sonic stew of slowed-down Roches a capella, the recitation of a Spanish text and the granular noise of waves against small rocks, like a half-remembered dream.

Made during Laida Lertxundi’s landscape filmmaking course at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, San Sebastián, Spain.

Camera, Sound Recording, Cast: Laida Lertxundi, Jimmy Schaus, Clara Rus, Elizabeth Dexter, Eva Sacristán, Florrie James, Gabriel Azorín, Jade Faith, Jaume Claret Muxart, José María Avilés, Julieta Juncadella, Marina Palacio, María Antón Cabot, Pablo Paloma, and Patxi Burillo
Assistance: Asier Armental
Edit, Sound Mix: Jimmy Schaus