My Daddy was a Gunman
2018, HD, 1:47

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A personal constellation of “Stowe-ments”—appropriated and re-enacted—sprung from a made-up line from a real-but-unseen film from my childhood years (Bad Girls, 1994) and the deep psychic indentations left by multiple viewings of Altman’s Short Cuts (1993) around the same time. Adolescent fascinations, fears, and desires are re-animated through play in the front of the green screen.

Produced for The Madeleine Stowe Show(e), curated by Christopher M. Reeves at Pique, Covington, KY.

Direction, Performance, Edit, Sound Mix: Jimmy Schaus
Camera: Lindsay Denniberg

The Madeleine Stowe Show(e) (looping in gallery), Pique, Covington, KY, 2018
Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2018
Florida Experimental Film Festival, 2018
Sunspots: New Visions of the Avant-Garde, Florida Film Festival, 2018