St. Francis Hears a Noise
2018, HD, 123 minutes

poster by Aaron Walker
poster by Aaron Walker


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A psychotronic, picaresque, lo-fi sci-fi romp about Francis, a sound recordist, whose special microphone picks up messages from beyond.  These sounds are stolen by a sinister underground production network, who use them to unlock latent psychic energy from the young actors they exploit.  Francis sets off on a journey to retrieve his precious sounds, only to uncover a vast network of control in which he may already be enmeshed.  

Cast: Jimmy Schaus, Cameron Worden, Samantha Thereau, Will Hobson, Grace Cross, Aaron Walker, Christopher M. Reeves, Lindsay Denniberg, Chris Shields, Sarah Fensom, Erica Gressman, Kate Calleri, Kirsten Collins, Jasmine Hunneycut, Trevor Leblanc, Jessica Miller, Kara Malin, Daniel Leasure, Carlos Gonzalez, Ryan Manson, Peggy Pegasus, Pippin Whittaker
Direction, Sound Recording, Edit, Analog VFX: Jimmy Schaus
Camera: Jimmy Schaus, Cameron Worden, Nellie Kluz, Caleb Foss, Lindsay Denniberg, Chris Shields, Daniel Leasure
Foley, Sound Mix: Jimmy Schaus, Alex Inglizian
Original Electronic Music: Tim Dukes, Jimmy Schaus

Masturbating to the Sound of Music (group exhibition curated by Daniel Luedtke, looping on monitor in gallery), The Condo Association, Chicago, IL, 2018
Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NY, 2018
TFAB, Providence, RI, 2018
Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA, 2018
Parallelogram Gallery, Tampa, FL, 2018
Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando, FL, 2018
Nightingale Cinema, Chicago, IL, 2017