This Historic Part of...the World
2015, video, 14:45

A family on vacation takes a special night tour of Tampa’s “historic” Seminole Heights neighborhood, but their Sultan hat-clad, dumpster dwelling tour guide and voluptuous vampiress boss have other plans in store.  

Direction, Edit, Analog VFX, Sound Mix: Jimmy Schaus
Cast, Camera: Jimmy Schaus, Jasmine & Andrew Hunneycut, T-Func, Carlos Gonzalez, Lindsay Denniberg, Jimmy Schaus
Electronic sounds: Tim Dukes

Quarantine Dreams (online music gig/screening, programmed by Matthew Moyer), 2020
Media Monsters Episode 3: Analog Zombies (online, programmed by Nicole Baker), 2020
Central Park Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2018
Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago, IL, 2016