Haord’s Buncha (compilation), Haord Records, 2014

Seasons of Nudity (w/ Meager Sunlight), More/Roofless/Hot Releases/Good God Energy Chronicles, 2011

Married to Draino/Electric Fingertips (w/ Pro Bro Gold), Cephia’s Treat, 2010

Over/Bored (compilation), Cephia’s Treat/Roofless, 2008

Scorpions in Our Shoes: Odds & Ends From Myakka and Beyond (compilation), Good God Energy Chronicles, 2008

Sister Hologram (w/ Pharaoh Faucett), Roofless, 2007

Memory of a Free Vegetable (w/ Right Arm Severed), Good God Energy Chronicles, 2007

Little Star (w/ Step Out of Your Window You Can Fly), Good God Energy Chronicles, 2007

Succck Pooop (w/ Ultra Fuckers), Good God Energy Chronicles, 2006

Petrified Mask (w/ Newton), Breathmint, 2006

Forgotten (w/ Plane Seahorses ^ Sanguine Vessel), Breathmint, 2006

Come Alive/Beef Veins (w/ Rods of God), Bone Tooth Horn, 2006

Pests at Party Palace (compilation), Black Lakes/Hymns, 2006

Metal Night (w/ What’s YR Damage? & Mr. Transylvania), Black Lakes, 2005